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Dr Thomas Mathew

General Practitioner
Dermatology Research Fellow

Dr Thomas Mathew is a registered general practitioner. He studied medicine at Monash University,  graduating with Honours in 2013, and subsequently completed his fellowship with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in 2021.


Thomas is leading our low-risk melanoma surveillance service, and implementing risk-based surveillance in clinical practice.

Thomas has extensive experience in non-invasive diagnostic techniques, and spent 6 months as the VECTRA fellow running the ACEMID study.

He works closely with the Dermatologists, discusses cases and navigates appropriate treatment pathways for patients. He participates in our quality assurance program.

He has obtained certificates in dermoscopy and skin cancer medicine including a diploma in dermatalogy in 2020.

With a background as a GP in rural South Australia, Thomas' fellowship at MIA is intended to improve training of GPs in melanoma, and improve equitable care across Australia.

Thomas sees new patients, patients with lesions of concern, and patients undergoing surveillance for subsequent primary melanoma. He is skilled in dermoscopy, interpretation of melanoma photography and skin biopsies/excisions.


Dr Mathew is currently furthering his expertise and skill set and is not taking any future bookings at present. Our staff at Melanoma Dermatology wish him all the very best and we look forward to seeing him again in the future.

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