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Leaders in non-invasive diagnostic technology for skin cancers


Melanoma Dermatology is a private subspecialty Dermatology practice affiliated with Melanoma Institute Australia.


We are a nation-wide referral centre for assessment and management of difficult pigment lesions and melanoma.


Melanoma Dermatology are leaders in state-of-the-art

non-invasive diagnostic technology, including:

Advanced dermoscopy

In-vivo confocal reflectance microscopy

Total body photography

Sequential dermoscopic imaging

Optical coherence tomography

Skin Biopsy


Melanoma Dermatology are not able to accept referrals for routine skin review, or for skin conditions such as acne or rashes.

The Practice is a subspecialty service and only accepts referrals for the following:


  1. Biopsy proven Melanoma,

  2. Patients with a past history of melanoma

  3. Dysplastic naevus syndrome

  4. High risk of melanoma – including more than 3 relatives with melanoma

  5. Assessment of lesions warranting CONFOCAL MICROSCOPY or OCT

  6. Pre-surgical CONFOCAL MAPPING

  7. Known genetic skin cancer syndromes

  8. Nail pigmentation and suspected nail melanomas

  9. Drug rashes from immuno- and targeted cancer therapies.

All referrals will be reviewed and triaged by our doctors before making an appointment.

Multidisciplinary Collaboration & Care

Affiliated with Melanoma Institute Australia, we provide individualised care in collaboration with our team of international experts.


We are committed to remaining at the forefront of patient care, maximising outcomes and translating research into practice.

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