Pregnancy can affect your skin in many ways.
At Melanoma Institute Australia, we are researching how pregnancy affects moles and we would like to get you on board.

About the study



The study involves free review by a specialist Dermatologist and photographs of all your moles (you keep a copy). We need to see you twice during the pregnancy, and once 6 months after your baby is born.

To accurately determine the effect of pregnancy on moles, we need you to bring your sister. She gets a free skin check and mole photography too.

How to participate

To be able to take part of this study you need:

To be less than 26 weeks pregnant

To have a full biological sister 

To have less than 100 moles on your body (or less than 12 per arm) 

To attend 3 appointments (1 hour each) at the Institute in North Sydney.

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